Hello, I am Linda Wendfeldt, founder of iComfort Village.

No one can deny that there is a profound need in today’s world to show greater compassion and respect for one another and the environment. My love of photographing images which reflect emotion and truth gradually evolved into creating photo cards , which have touched the lives of many by providing comfort, insight and hope in times of stress.

iComfortVillage is a place I hope you will visit frequently for encouragement and inspiration to meet life’s challenges. Positive change can happen in the world from one single life being touched by  kindness and compassion. My hope is that you will find the photos and messages we post to be helpful to you.

Please join me in both receiving and sharing the peace, joy, hope and comfort we offer at iComfortVillage, because together we can create a community that will comfort the world.

Peace, hope and love be yours,





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Together, we can Comfort the world!